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Our Story


In my roles as a mother, an academic, a partner, and more, I have come to realize that self care (including self love) is a necessary part of living ... especially in this day and age of constant demands on one's self. Without such care, we cannot function day to day to our fullest potential and we cannot achieve joy and contentment in our lives.

Inspired by the book EAT PRAY LOVE and my adoration for tea, I envisioned a wellness box that would encompass tea, mindfulness, and self love. Tea because, not only do I love this beverage, but it is both wellness and calmness in a cup. Mindfulness because our deepest acknowledgement of self care is when we are in the moment. Self love because, as imperfect beings, we so easily beat on ourselves and rarely love our truth. 

It is not easy to make time for one's SELF when other priorities compete for one's attention such as work, people, insecurity, or doubt. TEA PRAY LOVE is my way of making life happier, easier, and tastier for YOU while allowing you to focus on ALL of YOUR NEEDS - Mind, Body, and Soul!

*We launched in 2019 and are based in Michigan. We also include numerous small businesses (many of which are women-owned and use natural ingredients) in our curations.